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Moving on in a hostel raises certain questions in mind out of curiosity, worry, and excitement, one such question that comes to mind is – “HOW HOSTEL LIFE IS DIFFERENT FROM WHERE WE ARE RIGHT NOW OR WHAT ARE THE ALTERATIONS THAT WE WILL BE GOING THROUGH WHILE LIVING IN A HOSTEL?”
This probe is quite obvious while shifting to a completely new and different environment for the first time and to cure that curiosity, we are noting down the difference between a hostel and home life.


Do you remember the day when you slept without having your dinner just because it was not of your choice? well, make up your mind then because you will come across a lot of such days in hostels. No choice, no taste preference, and no food after the given timing. The first difference when you move into a hostel is you will never get the authentic home taste. Home meals and the food we get in the hostel are completely different. So, learn to control your taste buds if planning to shift in a hostel.


Homelife does not come with those rules and regulations that are mandatory to follow in a hostel, perforating which can result in complaining or cause other serious consequences. When we live in a hostel, we are bound to follow some rules such as the given entry timings, maintaining registers, and other attendance issues, proper application for leaving hostel, or staying at a relative’s or a friend’s place, etc.


As compared to homelife, hostel life makes us less dependent on someone else for daily chores as well as other needs. Hostel teaches us how to live by ourselves without depending on a servant for giving us a glass of water or depending on our dad for shopping. At home, we have people around us on which we rely upon for these works but when we start living in a hostel, we are solely responsible for our works and thus hostel life makes us responsible and independent. We learn to cross roads without holding our parent’s hand and that’s an add on.


Hostel lives in Patna and Homelife, two completely different environments to be in. When we live at home, we are surrounded by people knowing us, close to us, our family and relatives. This environment is full of expectations and judgments which result in some kind of emotional stress during our studies. On the other hand, when we are in a hostel, the environment is full of like-minded people or the people who do not care much and thus it provides less stressful surroundings.


You are simply prohibited to go against the routine while residing at a hostel in Patna. When we stay at home, no matter how strict is the environment, we are unable to follow a routine in a disciplined manner as we have the freedom of choice at our home but this goes completely opposite when it is about the hostel. Hostels in Patna have set time for everything which is must to be followed by every single person residing in it. This is a major difference between the hostel and homelife.


A hostel life in Patna is different from home life as it makes us meet new people from different regions and backgrounds. Meeting new people means more network. More network means more learning which is limited in homelife. Meeting new people and talking to them enhance our communication skills. Other than that, we come across different cultures and learn about them. Meeting new people helps you come across various ideas and boosts your confidence. When we stay at home, we are limited to meeting certain people and that is a huge difference between home life and hostel life.


Hostel life teaches us some of the basic hacks that can be really useful in life. Fewer of them are- Budgeting, Time management, Arranging own stuff, Shopping, Differentiating the needs and wants, etc. These are the skills that are tough to be learned easily at home as we depend upon our guardian for almost everything and that makes us dependable.


Hostels are well structured and equipped with facilities that help the hostelers in studies. This results in a study without much interference and boosts concentration. There is a huge difference between the environments of the hostel and home when it comes to studying. The environment of the hostel is better than a home for studies as it is specially made for study purposes.


Though adjustments are done almost everywhere in life, Hostel’s life comes with more adjustments as compared to home. Adjustment with food quality and choice, adjustment with roommates, adjustments with the hostel rules, and many more, hostel life is a buffet of adjustments.


This is one of the biggest differences when we compare hostel life with a home. No matter how many facilities a hostel can provide, no matter how well equipped it is, it can never give that homely feel and comfort of home but as in order to gain something, we have to give up on something. Similarly, in order to enhance our career and studies, we have to give that comfort and feel of the home.

Concluding this, we can say hostels and home are two completely different places and have their own advantages and disadvantages and we should choose accordingly if we have the option of choice.

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Author: Findmydrona Team